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Did you know that a home computer without a firewall can be controlled and used by an outlaw in under 2 minutes? Malware is computer programs that constantly send pings or test commands out all day, and when they find a door open, meaning your computer with no firewall protection, they come right in and take over. There is one guaranteed way to make your computer safe which is disconnect it from the Internet. , project manager cloud That is not so practical because we like to use it.

It leaves us to solve the problem, how can we make our computer safe while we are connected to the Internet.

, what is collaborative marketing What your home computer needs then is anti virus and firewall softwarethat is updated regularly. This will help find and remove any trojans or spyware or viruses that do get in. We recommend you stay away from the free anti virus firewall software as it does not provide the same quality of service you get with a paid version of firewall and anti virus software.

Online project management website, when we decided on a solution, we choose a company that had been in business for a number of years and provided a well reviewed and recomended product. Click here to see the anti virus firewall software I choose for my home computer.

There is a second way to protect your home computer and that is with your router. Routers nowadays, both hard wired and wireless, provide an extra layer of protection.

So what do you do? Well, the big corporations buy the biggestest and best firewall anti virus software to protect their systems but us little guys, home owners can’t afford that. we do have a couple of choices.

When your PC is new, out of the box – Keep the firewall software that comes with windows (both Vista and XP) turned on and ready, until you can purchase a better 3rd party package.

Some anti virus and firewall software is two way, which means it checks and blocks data both comming and going from your computer. It checks the outgoing to make sure you don’t pass on viruses if you already have them, and to make sure your outgoing requests are not inviting viruses in. The better software has a configuable list to allow you to enter “do not visit” sites. It comes pre-configured with a list.

You can click here to see the software we use at home, team and project management, it has two great security features built into one package. It is both anti virus and firewall software. It is the Norton Internet Security 2010 and it includes firewall protection as well as virus protection. It does some other things as well, it protects from  worms, spyware, intrusion, phishing and root kits.

There is also a free add-on pack that includes anti-spam, parental control, confidential information blocking, and ad blocking.

Overall we are pretty happy with it. You can click here to review the software we trust to protect our home computer.